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pdSuite Master Collection

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Making a better database

Some make better mousetraps. We make better databases.

Extensive R&D, fresh information sources, data provided in multiple ways so users have choices, and well constructed user guides, are among the benefits from Peacock Data.

Our products are often unique, typically have years of development and field testing behind them, and are fashioned to be the easiest to use regardless of user experience.

Meet our flagships

pdNickname Name and Nickname Database

pdNickname: Matching and merging names can be tricky. How do you relate William Smith with Bill Smith? The answer is pdNickname 2.0. This database product can be utilized to match names that are dissimilar because one is a given first name while another is a nickname or other variation.


pdGender Name and Gender Coding Database

pdGender: Male and Female identification is essential for businesses and organizations. It allows you to send mail with a personal touch. Gender Coding also allows you to filter, map, and analyze your data based on this critical demographic. pdGender 2.0 lets you accomplish this in ways not before possible on this scale.


pdGeoTIGER ZIP+4 and Address Range GeoCoding Databases

pdGeoTIGER: Location data plays a central role in decision making, from market analysis and risk assessment to targeting and customer management, and it is important precise GeoCoding information is employed from the start. pdGeoTIGER 2.0 was developed to provide exactly this.


pdCensus Census Demographics Database

pdCensus2010: U.S. Census demographics are an indispensable tool for businesses, organizations, schools, researchers, students, and government. pdCensus2010 provides more than 150 of the most important Census 2010 variables in an easy-to-use format.


pdLatino coming soon

It has been five years in the making and tested in the field for one year—and the release date for pdLatino will be October 2014.

pdLatino is coming soon.

The product will contain three databases designed specifically for Hispanic/Latino names: Nicknames, Surnames, and Gender.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

—Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet (Arthur Conan Doyle)

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”

—Jim Barksdale, former Netscape CEO

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