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pdNickname : Name and Nickname Database

Matching and merging names can be tricky. How do you relate William Smith with Bill Smith? The answer is the new pdNickname 2.0. It is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and up-to-date database designed to facilitate matching names that are dissimilar because one is a given first name while another is a nickname or other variation. It is available in Pro and Standard editions.

Regardless of the version licensed, it contains a large set of related English, Spanish, and international first names and nicknames covering more than 200 languages along with a host of additional features never before available on this scale.

pdNickname Name and Nickname Database

Pro and Standard versions

Both editions include the same names and features except the Pro version comes equipped with fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic allows matching when lists have typographical errors or stylized spellings. The Standard edition has everything except fuzzy logic. See our What is Fuzzy Logic? PDF guide for examples and further information about this new technology.

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Pro version ($495) with fuzzy logic

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Standard version ($299) everything except fuzzy logic


  • (Standard) 1.28 million first name variation records
  • (Pro only) 3.9 million first name variation records:
    • 1.28 million standard records
    • 2.61 million fuzzy logic records
  • (Pro, Standard) Name types and relationships are identified:
    • Base Names
    • Variations (forms and variants)
    • Transcriptions
    • Short Form Nicknames
    • Short Form Nickname Variations
    • Diminutives
    • Diminutive Variations
    • Feminine Forms
    • Masculine Forms
  • (Pro, Standard) Derived variations are incorporated
  • (Pro, Standard) Enhanced system to improve matching accuracy
  • (Pro, Standard) Gender of each pair of names is included
  • (Pro, Standard) Rare usages of unisex names by one gender are identified
  • (Pro, Standard) Designed to be fully compatible with pdGender for enhanced gender coding
  • (Pro, Standard) Languages of origin and use are identified:
    • English
    • African American
    • Native American
    • Hawaiian
    • Spanish
    • Basque
    • Catalan
    • Galician
    • German
    • French
    • Hindustani
    • Russian
    • Persian
    • Arabic
    • Japanese
    • Chinese
    • Vietnamese
    • Korean
    • Yiddish
    • Hebrew
    • Latin
    • Greek
    • Over 200 other languages
  • (Pro, Standard) Archaic names are identified
  • (Pro, Standard) Excellent resource for research: anthroponymy, onomatology, ethnology, linguistics, and related fields
  • (Pro, Standard) Unique name origins and names originating in Antiquity and the Middle Ages are identified
  • (Pro, Standard) Historic, biblical, theological, mythology, and literary names are identified
  • (Pro, Standard) Compatible with add-on packs
  • (Standard only) Upgradable to Pro features
  • (Pro, Standard) Comes in multiple file formats:
    • Comma Delimited (CSV)
    • Fixed Length
    • DBF
  • (Pro, Standard) Full documentation
  • (Pro, Standard) Perpetual Site License—allowing installation on all computers in the same building within a single company or organization
  • (Pro, Standard) Available for immediate download


pdNickname utilizes only the ANSI character set (ASCII values 0 to 127 and extended values 128 to 255). It is fully compatible with pdGender and both are comprised of the same set of names. For every name, gender, origin, usage, and relationship type in the pdNickname database, there is a corresponding record in the pdGender database linked by an identification number. The names in pdNickname Pro are in pdGender Pro and the names in pdNickname Standard are in pdGender Standard.

pdNickname Name and Nickname Database


Product name: pdNickname (Pro and Standard)
Current version number: 2.0.0
Description: Name and Nickname Database
Total number of records: Pro: 6,524,414*; Standard: 3,905,530*
Size zipped: Pro: 94.3 MB**; Standard: 38 MB**
Size extracted: Pro: 3.2 GB**; Standard: 1.2 GB**
Formats included: Comma Delimited (CSV), Fixed Length, and DBF
Availability: Immediate download
List price: Pro: $495 Add to Cart; Standard: $299 Add to Cart

*The record count is the total number of records contained in each of the three included file formats.

**The zipped and extracted sizes show the combined total size of all product files.


  • pdNickname-1
    First fields in the pdNickname Pro Name and Nickname Database.
  • pdNickname-2
    First fields in the pdNickname Standard Name and Nickname Database.
  • pdNickname-3
    Languages of use provided for all records including indicators for rare usage.
  • pdNickname-4
    More than half the pdNickname Pro database is built on fuzzy logic.
  • pdNickname-5
    The origin of each name is provided in a lookup table.
  • pdNickname-6
    The usage of each name is provided in a lookup table.

pdNickname : Name and Nickname Database is a proprietary resource not duplicated elsewhere. It is a very comprehensive name and nickname database and has been successfully tested in the field for more than 20 years.

Optional developer license: Available (Questions..., Apply...)

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