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About us

We are about quality. Quality software products, quality customer support, and most importantly, quality results for our clients. Our offerings are designed to make database systems more useful, more accurate, and easier to manage.

For more than 20 years our software has been utilized around the world in applications you use every day. Our customers are businesses, organizations, churches, schools, researchers, government agencies, and individual who know Peacock Data is committed to total client satisfaction, state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and fair pricing.

Imagine the possibilities.

Peacock Data is an industry leader because of our superior solutions and our renowned loyalty to customers. Contact Us

History of Peacock Data


Our President/CEO began doing business more than two decades ago. At first it was one Commodore-128 computer, one Epson dot-matrix printer, one employee, and a lot of optimism. Since that time the customer base has grown from a handful to hundreds, and on January 1, 2003 the business was incorporated with headquartered in Chatsworth, California, 25 miles north of Los Angeles.

We now offer a full line of database software products. You will find unique packages relating to ZIP Codes, United States Census demographics, GeoCoding, first names and nicknames, last names, gender coding, countries of the world, and more—and the list is growing.

Stay tuned. Each year we obligate ourselves anew to making improvements and advancing forward with new ideas. Contact Us